Associations and International Organizations

Major international associations and societies

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is on the list of major international organizations. The local association includes in its list different countries of the world. Among its goals are economic growth, as well as social progress and cultural development of member countries, as well as the establishment of peace in these regions.
The G7 includes the world’s leading market economies. This organization holds meetings every year. At such board meetings, narrow issues and a general analysis of the world economy are discussed.

The European Union is an economic organization that includes Western European countries. The goal is to create a common market for goods, as well as capital and labor. In addition, the task of this organization is also to carry out a coordinated policy towards the 3rd world countries and common activities in the field of agriculture.
NATO is a military-political alliance formed in the forties. The main task is to ensure the security of peace-loving states and, of course, to maintain peace.
The Organization of American States is a large association of states in the West. As a part of up to thirty states of North and South America. The goals of the OAS are to strengthen peace and security in the region, as well as to avoid any disagreements and peacefully resolve any conflicts. It also provides general action in case of aggression from the outside.

Another well-known international Organization of African Unity is a large influential group of independent African countries. By its nature, it is an interstate political organization. It consists of more than fifty states of the continent. The main goal is the development of comprehensive political and economic cooperation between African countries, as well as the strengthening of their unity and solidarity.
The United Nations is the most influential international organization that brings together sovereign states to maintain and strengthen peace.
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Portals of the Board of Directors in the work of an international organization

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