The Purpose of the Council Assembly

The council assembly is the body of local government in England and Wales. The main purpose of the council is to set the city’s policies and adopt a constitution. They also elect a Mayor and Leader of the Council. The Assembly also considers decisions that are not in line with the budget and policy framework. At each meeting, members debate a theme. The deadline for deputation requests is midnight, three clear working days before the meeting date.

The Council may convene the Assembly for an extraordinary session. In this case, it elects a President from among its members. The President serves for three sessions and may be re-elected by the Assembly. When the Chairman or Vice-Chairman is absent, the Deputy Chairman performs the duties of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman. The Deputy Governor or Vice-President may be appointed to fulfill the duties of the Chairman or Vice-President.

The Assembly Council is made up of all voting members of the church. Members are called Representatives and provide input on policy decisions. They elect the National Council Delegates and the Board of Directors. A service unit appoints two Service Unit Representatives and one Alternate. The Alternate may act in the absence of the appointed Service Unit Representative. The Assembly elects the Deputy Chairman and the Chairman of the Council. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council are elected by the Assembly.

The Assembly has a committee that appoints to discuss any matters within its remit. When a Chairman is absent, the Council may appoint someone to preside. The Deputy Chairman performs the duties of the Chairman when the latter is absent. The Chairperson is elected by the Assembly. The Deputy Chairperson is appointed by the Governor. If the Assembly is unable to agree on a policy, the Deputy Chairman is appointed by the Assembly.

The Assembly Council meets at least twice a year. At these meetings, it is the responsibility of the Assembly to oversee the work of the church and its policy framework. Moreover, it coordinates the work of the national agencies and makes recommendations on policy. The Deputy Chairman, for example, is the person responsible for appointing the Vice Chair of the Assembly. The Deputy Chairman performs the duties of the Chairman when the chairman is absent.

The Assembly Council has an annual meeting. It aims to implement the General Assembly’s policies. The General Assembly approves a strategic plan for the church that focuses on strengthening and encouraging congregations. The Assembly Council monitors the implementation of the strategic plan and invites congregations to provide input on how the plan is being used. A member of the General Assemblees of the Church is eligible to serve on the Board. In addition, the Board of Directors also meets at the annual meeting.