Press. Normally, there is a place for the local press during every general board meeting with elections. Above all the honored members for long-term loyalty and honor want to find themselves in the newspaper. Ultimately, the invitation of the press belongs to the easiest public relations work of a local association. The first thing to do is to send an invitation / program to the general meeting to the local editorial office, and indicate that you would be glad if an editor comes to the general meeting. Then you ask by phone in a friendly tone, if someone from the newspaper comes!

Then, as a rule, there is a press release before the general meeting and after the general meeting an article with a picture appears, either of the newly elected board or with all the honorees, sometimes even both. If you are very good, you are already preparing for the press a text in which all important information is listed:

• All the honored members and officials (indicating the years)

• Activities from last year

• Priorities and dates for the coming year

• Membership numbers

If nobody comes from the press, you photograph yourself and deliver text and images to the local newspaper, the advertising sheet and other publications on site!

Catering. It is absolutely necessary to serve the guests and members during the gathering with drinks. A good and inexpensive solution is the shared coffee at the beginning of the general meeting.

In the planning of the general meeting, according to the program, drinks and consumption for the entire event should be considered.

It is to be considered, which costs the local association can and wants to take over and what is to be borne by the members themselves. Possible costs must already be mentioned in the invitation to the general meeting.

Possible variants of catering are:

• coffee, tea

• bottled water, coke, fruit juices, sodas

• beer, wine

• cake

• cheese and sausage sandwiches (consider that some people may be diabetics or vegan/vegetarian)

If the event lasts until late in the evening, it must be considered whether and what should be scheduled for consumption in the evening and who bears the costs. Possible variants are:

• Everyone orders by card in between and also pays for themselves

• Everyone is eating the same thing. Goulash soup or mixed roast with potatoes and vegetables, etc. When entertaining the participants, it must be considered what the inn can offer at all or whether the local association can organize the hosting with its own helpers in rented or provided free of charge rooms (such as townhouse / village community center).

Costs. The timely and comprehensive planning of the general meeting is therefore necessary to estimate the costs incurred and determine whether and how much the local chapter can afford and whether the costs are reasonable.

Depending on the program costs for:

• postage costs for ordering the documents

• creation and distribution / sending of invitations

• coffee / tea and cake or cheese & cheese Sausage sandwich

• table decoration

• (possibly) driving service

• gifts

• (possibly) choir or dance music

• speakers

• (possibly) dinner

• (possibly) other drinks

Depending on the amount of the costs, a reasonable deductible is to be decided by the participants. Invited guests should always be exempt from all additional payments. As a rule, this does not include spouses or partners of the members and officials who participate as guests.

Invitations. Invitations are a very important element of any general meeting. The club law requires invitations to be made in writing in good time. They should contain everything that a member needs to know in preparation for the general meeting.

However, it is recommended to send an invitation to the members three weeks before the general meeting. Then the members can make a note of the appointment in good time and prepare their content. In many cases, there must also be enough time for the members to register for the general meeting.

Guests with tight schedules should be invited much earlier, preferably with reference to the planned program and timeframe, as well as the desire for a greeting. Speakers should also be invited at an early stage and it should be agreed with you necessarily the duration and topic of the unit. Otherwise, somebody prepares for a two-hour lecture, but only gets half an hour. Then the frustration is preprogrammed on both sides. Invitations should be appealing from the text and the presentation.

The invitation:

• should be kept friendly

• should contain everything the participants need to know

• should appeal to the presentation

• should arouse interest

• should generate desire for participation.

What about coffee table?

A coffee table can belong to a general meeting. Cold drinks would have to be served anyway, even for health reasons. It is unreasonable to be without drinks for several hours. The local chapter should also ensure that there is enough money for coffee and cake in the box office for the annual general meeting. Certainly not one should demand money for the entertainment from guests. They will not come back for a second time.

Reading and approval the points and decisions of the last board meeting.

It is not made everywhere, because it takes time and it seems a bit strange, that a protocol should be read aloud and approved one year after the previous general meeting, where the association and the board have been working for another year. 

However, it is already correct that the protocol is read out once again and approved. There could be something in it, with which the members and participants of the previous general meeting do not agree at all.

• Resolutions may be misrepresented

• election results may be incorrectly logged

• Results of the cash report or the audit report may be incorrectly logged

• Board or club activities may be logged that either did not happen or did not take place in any other way.

So there are reasons to read the minutes again and have them approved by the assembled members. It may also be that the log has to be changed due to objections and only approved with the changes. becomes. The minutes are read by the secretary.

Reports with subsequent debate

As part of the general meeting, the board has to report to the members on the past year. He documents with his reports that he has properly fulfilled the statutory duties. Reports are submitted by the members of the board. Everyone for his job. These are:

• the chairperson or his / her deputy

• the treasurer or his / her deputy

• (if elected) the women’s spokesperson

The secretary, who also belongs to the executive committee, reads the minutes of the last general meeting. After each report, members should be given the opportunity to debate. It makes little sense to wait until the end of all reports for the debate. Until then, you have already forgotten many things that you wanted to ask or notice as a member.